Sigma-Tau-Upsilon: Schlepping to Ulverston


It was not so much of the actual pre midnight schlep,

that dragged me alongside my treasured living and inanimate belongings,

from the cosmopolitan M4 postcode to rural LA12,

fuelled by a cranking full-fuel-tank TDI automobile,

definitely receiving maximum direct fuel injection,

but apparently not exhibiting optimum turbocharged action,

as it crawled along the M60, M61 and M6 motorways and finally through the A590;

[…. it was not so much all of that,]

but rather the events of the 14 days leading up to that pre-midnight endurance,

dubbed the 14 days of No Christmas;

the excitement and emotions culminating in that nocturnal endurance…

or perhaps the summation (the sigma) of it all!

Let me summarise the ‘closing stages’ of my PULSE assignment.


Part II & III – Excitement & Emotions

During my final days with my colleagues at West Point (GLH office),

the excitement shared – not really about the fact that my assignment was drawing to a close,

but rather a moment of celebration – of the acquaintances and connections I had established and developed over the past 6 months,

an exchange of festive greetings and best wishes for the future!

My final handover and chat with the Director of Golden Lane Housing,

a discussion of our partnership and ongoing mutual support…

On Christmas Eve, I said my final good-bye to West Point…

oooh, how I had wished my PULSE journey would linger for another moment…


As reality dawned, with my imminent departure from Lancashire to Cumbria,

it was time to get baggage assembled and garbage discarded.

My Christmas was anything but merry,

The sorting, the packing, the carting…

my body rendered weary!


Being on tenterhooks as I searched for a much needed automobile,

to transport me back to my adopted home;

a gifted Christmas feast …

it felt like a true Christmas nativity experience (without a donkey)…


With all prerequisites successfully met,

I said good-bye to the mews – my home for the last 6 months.

On 30 Dec 2014, I left you, my cul-de-sac in Manchester!

Thanks for giving me a peaceful temporary home…


Your Beloved,

Sigma Tau Upsilon

Pulse of Ulverston

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