Never Overlook Human Dignity


It has been three months I have been working with Friendship to develop this guideline and have tried to contribute providing my expertise on research and embedding risk & project management tools in the guideline.
Apart from the knowledge gained on disaster preparedness and response, one of the most important learning for me from this assignment is the learning around dignity principles after referring the SPERE guidelines. The learning is important because as I believe that all human beings have equal rights to live with dignity and one should respect people, their beliefs, values & rights.
Once I am back to GSK, I will figure out on how I can embed the dignity principles gained from the assignment in the decisions I make in my day to day work.
Though I agree with the idea that the Founder and Executive Director of Friendship Runa Khan shared, never take more than you give, through this assignment I feel I am taking more than what I have given.

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