January 26


First Week Back at GSK!

Welcome home mom


“Transition” seems to be the key word. I have been transitioning back into my home life and this week was the transition into my “work” life. At one point I did see them as very different spaces and have realized over the years they truly are connected and need to be for me to feel wholeness in my life.

My first adventure was simply getting myself and family out the door in the morning, this has been quite a change when I have only primarily been responsible for myself. I have loved waking up my kids, kissing my husband before he leaves for work and all of the many tasks like making lunches and breakfast that happen in the morning before we all make our way into the day. It is funny how these simple everyday activities take on a new meaning when they have been missing for 6 months.

My first stop when entering the building was the IT center on the ground floor. It never ceases to amaze me the number of upgrades, program changes and other technology needs that continue to evolve on a regular basis. I am sitting in the room waiting for all of these updates, realizing I will be heading up to the 4th floor to rejoin my colleagues. Part of me just wanted to run because I still am unsure of how to sum up what I have experienced over the 6 months in a quick conversation and also I have heard stories of volunteers returning to people asking about their experience but then losing interest very quickly as it is now the past and there is present business at hand. The other part of me couldn’t wait to see the faces of so many people who have supported me during this journey in various ways. As this little tug of war was occurring I am greeted by a familiar and friendly face. He joins me in the IT room and I am able to begin relating my adventure, answering questions and feeling more at home in this big glass building.
This week was filled with hugs, laughter, updates, stories, deadlines, sharing and much much more. I have been touched all week with the different questions people have been asking me which has allowed me to share a variety of moments and learnings personally and professionally. Our Wednesday huddle, led by Marie, on dreaming; the power of dreaming and making those dreams come true was very appropriate because I had just lived out one of my dreams in Africa. What makes it even more powerful was that it was bigger and better than the actual dream. We tend to put so many barriers on our dreams and thoughts. I am finding with this experience I dream more and bigger 🙂 (the featured image is a picture of our Wednesday Team Huddle with my coworkers)

Believe it or not some of this dreaming more and bigger is also coming from the conversations this week with coworkers on the structural changes happening. Everyone I talk to is in a different situation has a different outlook and is processing in a different way. It has been inspiring to witness it all, those who are seeing the infinite possibilities, those who are worried, those who are angry/upset etc; all of these emotions are real and accepted. I personally am simply managing adjusting to coming back and enjoying the people who lift me up on a regular basis…I truly feel blessed. I tend to run in the camp of if I can’t control a situation I will just continue to follow my path and deal with things as they come because I have spent too many years crying, being angry, frustrated, feeling lost or feeling less about myself concerning something that continued to change. I wasted time and energy on many things that either worked out for the better or the situation just changed. I told the WLI Book Club team this week; I don’t want there to be an elephant in the room so we are going to bring up the uncomfortable, discuss honestly, support each other, celebrate each other and hold each other up. In the end life is about these relationships and the people we share them with…..life really is quite magical when you find the simplicity of it all! This week at work has been a kick in the pants on many levels from reminding me what is important to sharing in the love that surrounds me.
In munay-