Pi-Rho : Poirot (Hercule Poirot!)

It’s just a few minutes to 7am. I’ve just woken up from a very deep sleep. A peep through the window – the sky still dark, the temperature?… supposedly chilly. It’s Sunday, the 18th of January 2015.

Saturday, the 17th was physically exhausting. Around 11:30pm, as I treated my dilapidated body to a deserved hot bath, with hands supporting my chin above the sparkling lather, reality dawned – the reality of being back in Ulverston, back to an often physically draining routine.

It was exactly a year ago that I had made my application to the GSK PULSE program. But my reflections took me back to events that engulfed the past 2 months. It was as if I had participated in a sprint marathon – I had been mentally engaged, pleasantly fulfilled, eventfully excited, emotionally and physically drained – in that order.


Part I – Mental Engagement and Pleasant Fulfilment

Just like my favourite fictional detective, Hercule Poirot, I had to rely a lot on my little grey cells as I tried to redefine and reshape my future. A lot of information absorbed, 1000s of words of scholastic writing released (officially and unofficially).

With prospective tenants then preparing to relocate into the first of our (GLH) newly adapted 2014 Bond properties, we were in a phase of baseline data gathering to support the impact assessment of the 2014 Bond. It had been months of sourcing for potential properties in suited locations for clients identified through Mencap, dealing with legalities and adapting properties to the highest standard to suit tenants’ needs.

Just as Hercule Poirot painstakingly deconstructs facts, cautiously analysing clues and meticulously interlinking them to solve crimes; I had observed how GLH informatively select potential properties, intricately tailoring them to give greater independence to those who occupy them.

On the 16th of December, during my feedback session with GLH Leadership team, I shared my thrill and appreciation for being a part of the mission of bringing about change in the lives of individuals with a learning disability.

For me, this partnership was not going to end even when PULSE came to an end.

For it is one that brings me much fulfilment!

Watch out for Parts II, III and IV.

Your Beloved,

Pi Rho

Pulse of Ulverston

One comment

  1. Conglatulations, Yaa, for bring this great journey to a close. Well done. What I’m most happy to hear from you is the fact that “this partnership was not going to end even when PULSE came to an end”. Inspiring. Surely it should not end. Now, come back, share your story and set some more pulses in motion in GSK

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