January 16



NO, it’s not the kind you get while standing under a mistletoe. (Christmas is over folks~). It’s Keeping It Simple for our Sanity (tweaked the last word just a tiny bit…)
For most of us, trying to get a point across or making an impression is an ever-growing challenge, as we compete for space and attention (am I starting to lose you?)
Before I lose you, let’s get to the point!

IMPRESSED… with how Save the Children US keeps it simple for children to learn and understand how to get ready and stay safe when disaster strikes. Prep Rally Playbooks have been designed to help communities, families and children learn the key skills for responding to a disaster: If you’d like to learn more, the Playbook and other tools are readily available on the Save the Children US website.
CHALLENGING… to develop something truly inspiring. I volunteered to update a policy, and once again experienced how much more thought and time it takes to create something simple and inspirational for others. Hope it bears fruit, and most importantly, adds value to the organization.
K.I.S.S has been, and probably will always remain, one of my favorite mottos in life. Let’s all eschew pomposity and verbosity assiduously. (took me about 5 minutes to figure out the statement, I’m sure you guys would spend less time. *smile*)
不。。。!不是在槲寄生底下的吻(圣诞节已经过了喔~) !·它是Keeping It Simple for our Sanity的简称(稍微改了最后一个字。。。)
 。。。救助儿童会(美国)设计一个可让小孩子学习和了解面临灾难时,如何完整准备和确保安全,结果非常值得赞许。Prep Rally Playbooks可协助社区、家庭以及孩童们学习面对灾难可应对的主要原则。欲了解详情,请点阅救助童会(美国)网站
一直以来,K.I.S.S是我人生的座右铭之一,想必以后也不会改变。让我们“eschew pomposity and verbosity assiduously”。(这花了我大概5分钟的时间来解答,相信你们会比我快!*笑*)(华文版本我实在想不到。谁是文言文专家?)