My notes from Africa in photos

I know that a lot of people like  and expect photos from me but my last blogs didn’t contain many. Therefore I have decided to make a selection of photos of the best moments of my staying in Africa.

My colleagues and friends

13 12 11 10 9 8 6

5     7


2 1 4 3

Lake Victoria

17 16 15 18


24 23 22 21 20


27 26 25 28


DSC04868 a 20140808_172851 20120131_124553


c  34  31   m  30  am




  1. Look at the photo, remember the foreign films. Friendly faces, full of life, beautiful views. I can confidently say that if you rented a movie is a bestseller would

  2. It’s amazing , now winter but where is snow?))) funny and sunny time, it so beatiful, but I think many hard works d’not show in the fotos…

  3. Very bright and vivid pictures!
    Especially children)) We can seen that they live without creating the image and not posing for the photo.They are not permanently sitting in the internet. In fact, they are much richer spiritual than many adults in our country.

  4. На фоне бегемотиков такое фото потрясное!)))) как на фоне чаек в Крыму ))))) а вообще класс, фруктовое изобилие!)))

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