It is time to say Goodbye Mwanza, Tanzania!

It is quite difficult for me to find words to farewell but unfortunately the time to say Goodbye has come.

Positive emotions overflow and it is very difficult to describe  the project picking up correct words and feelings.

If you ask me whether I learned something? – Yes, I did.

If you ask me if the project has changed me? I will definitely answer Yes, although I can not judge by myself only and have to give the right to judge to people who know me back home.

A couple of days ago I was talking with my colleague from Ukraine who considers her participation in the PULSE next year. And the first thing I felt was  a feeling of joyful envy…. I remember every step during the entire project… It is easy to imagine what a  person will experience from the very  beginning of the path and to the end and you know what a great pleasure to have such experience again and again … probably the desire to experience a particular event over and over again in my life is the most important emotion.

It is said  that the world is full of opportunities and if we don’t take some chances they may be taken by others. None of the opportunities disappears from the Universe. I am glad that in 2014 I used this opportunity to take part in this project. Opportunity to learn, to acquire new knowledge, experience new people and not only in Tanzania, but from all over the world.  It also helped me to discover and integrate into a new society and a new culture, gave a chance to try to get out of my comfort zone …

At the end I just want to share some phrases which I think are the  flavor of  Tanzania:

  •  at the beginning of annual team building,  where I was honoured to take part,  my colleagues greeted  each other by  a song with such words Na sisi Hatulali…bado mapambado. The words from a song  have such meaning  We are also not going to sleep … the struggle is still on
  • Hakuna Matata – expression which doesn’t  require additional explanation, but for for those who don’t know it means no problem, dont worry and be happy
  • Do not forget to slow down in the process and relax and remember that araka araka hakuna baraka, which means fast can’t  be good (everyone who has worked in Africa will appreciates that phrase 200 percent, because it is about the time estimation in Africa)
  • And also remember that you  can catch a feeling  Pos kichizi kama ndizi which means that it is great and literal translation is as  cool as if you have eaten a banana.

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Dont miss your opportunities 🙂

With love from Milla from Mwanza, Tanzania, PULSE volunteer 2014.