GSK PULSE volunteers in Tanzania

In this post I just want to  share briefly how wonderfully I spent my last  weekend.

After moving to a new building and equipping a new office GSK Tanzania  kindly invited  PULSE volunteers on excursions and all five volunteers who stay in Tanzania kindly agreed.  We found our colleagues while they were finishing  their PDPs but still had a great opportunity to communicate and share our experiences.


In fact, it’s incredibly important  to be in the company of colleagues who share common values and who have the same attitude to relations to people and  try to keep it and who decided to take part in the same project. Even though we spent just a couple of days together, I should admit it was very efficient and useful and gave us a lot of fun. We all have different assignments and goals but almost identical conditions and all work with the same dedication. We had a lot of emotions, news, facts and impressions to share with each other and there was something to talk about. Such meetings really  motivate and support you as a personality and an employee.

Many thanks to Emma, who coordinated the entire process and took care of all communication.

These two days were  unforgettable!




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