“Weight of words, shock of pictures”

A famous magazine in France has this slogan:” Le poids des mots, le chocs des images” (Weight of words, shock of pictures).

I will not be able to reach the quality and the pertinence of this magazine as I did not met celebrity … except one… Mama Obama at the “Worlds AIDS Marathon” in kisumu the 1st of December!!!

As time is precious for everyone, I’m trying in this blog to summarize in few words and pictures the achievements of this last month in my projects but also some good and impactful time lived here in Kenya…

The project : “I have something to say” :

  • One of my objectives was to bring the library back to life in Rabour Primary School. The goal is to re-open the library for the pupils but also for the community as the vision of the library is “to be the leading school and community library in Kenya.

Three weeks spent to tidy up, classify, thousands and thousands books which were not used since a long …long time… except by rats and mouse…

A lot of dust and rat pee … butIt was worth it

As the library is now cleaned, I ‘ll be able next year to put  in place a sewing shop for  children with specific needs in a part of this room.

  • Posters for children with specific needs on” How to take care of our body” are finished and ready to print. THANKS TO MY GSK Colleagues.

IMG_2470  IMG_0489

IMG_0499  IMG_0566                                  IMG_0569

Poster Washing arms & foots white   Poster Washing hands


The project: Too far to walk: End of the pilot phase end of January.  All women who received a voucher for free transportation came to the Medical centre for delivery.

Agreement received by OGRA foundation to buy 2 solar lamps for Ombeyi Medical Centre to secure deliveries during a power cut.

Hiking tour to the Monkey Rock 3 hours trek up to the rock in the Nandi Hills near Kisumu .At the top ,A beautiful view across Lake Victoria and the Kisumu area. (thanks to Jojo for this pictures)

IMG_0402    IMG_0401

KOP fundraising bicycle tour   : Welcome the bicycle riders from the ‘Making Tracks 2014’ at their arrival in Kisumu. A big event was organised.

50 riders (from UK, rest of Europe and Australia) –  450km –  £100,000 target – raised £150,000

(KOP work to allow orphans and vulnerable children a fair start in life through health and education. Support us and help change lives)

IMG_0413 IMG_0414[1]

Visit  MVP (Millennium Villages Project) in Kisumu. Visit with Rami (one of the PULSE volunteer from Egypt) of one of the project villages of MVP in the Sauri area. We had the opportunity to learn about their work. More information about MVP here: http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/

Visit of Amilo Village Children’s Community Day, an event held prior to the World AIDS Day marathon in Kisumu. It was a great event for a few hundred children (a lot of them HIV orphans). They have been examined and treated by two doctors and also participated to games and received a dinner.

This event was sponsored by the Worls AIDS marathon and we were lucky to meet Richard Brodsky and his wife, a chief sponsor of the World AIDS Day marathon event in Kisumu

IMG_4056 IMG_4097  IMG_0479[1]  IMG_4080

IMG_0480[1]  IMG_4106

World AIDS Marathon on the 1st of December:  As I’m a very bad runner…, my contribution was to help during the registration and by recording the results on the arrival of the runners.Read more about the marathon and the story of Richard Brodsky…http://www.worldaidsmarathon.com/

The winner of the Marathon
Registration ‘s staff
 Isabella: 2 months … A beautiful “little Buddha “girl so healthy. A cera maji sanitation water system has been donated by all the GSK PULSE Volunteer (Martin, joJo, Victoria and me). THANKS FOR HER

DSC_0853   CSC_0859 DSC_0840  IMG_0383

Farewell Diner:  Time say good bye to Martin, Jojo and Michele


Mont Kenya : 4 days trekking to reach the top …4985 M….So hard, so beautiful, so challenging but “we did it”.

IMG_0647 IMG_0653 IMG_0680 IMG_0752

4 Months already spent in Kisumu and, I could never have done it without the support from my family, my children,  my friends and GSK.

I want to say a BIG Thank You to everyone for the Skype and viber talks when times were tough, for listening to my stories and for sharing this incredible experience with me.

Now, it’s time to go to the airport for 15 days in Belgium…

All the best for you

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