We all are human beings

During my 6 month assignment within the PULSE program I have met a lot of new faces. Some of them were absolutely spineless, playing games and trying to reach a success.
From my point of view a personality is not characterized as a person with great success, property and medialized face. For me a personality is a humble person, respecting others.
It is a person who follows his dreams and goals.
A person who does not throw obstacles in the way of others and you know that there’s hard work behind every achievement, continous development, and power of thinking.
Personalities are people who are Somebodies in their field, they would playfully put me in the pocket with their education, knowledge and experience, but even then they say: “We are all human beings.“ They don’t consider themselves to be something more. Someone BETTER.
Erzsike is a personality.
28 year mediator working for the Partners Hungary, mother of a 10 year old daughter and a Roma woman living in Hungary.
Due to pressure from her family and Roma culture, she left high school and got married when she was 16. Her daughter was born when she was 18. Her husband didn´t let her work, so she stayed at home as a housewife.
In 2010, something changed – thanks to the project “your story” she began to ask herself: who am I, where do I belong, why am I here… And one wise person told her: „You Can change your life if you wish it all the time.“
Erzsike kept it in her mind and opportunities were coming.
One day, she facilitated a meeting. She did not know why she was there and what she was going to do… In the room, there were just elder women. After a couple of minutes of stress, she started to be natural, women listened to her and Erzsike felt happy.
Then she became a role mediator – and she went to present her work and her results to other mediators. For the first time, she stayed in a beautiful hotel, holding a microphone.
For the first time in her life, she heard the word concept. Which she had to write, in order to obtain funds for her village to raise their life standard. She wrote a project and it was evaluated as the best. More and more success followed. Nowadays, she continues studying the secondary school, still works as a mediator and she wants to learn English…

Erzsike started to believe and people started to believe her. They trust her and motivated her. She changed her „destiny“. Instead of being a housewife she is a role model for many mediators and Roma people, she works and she is eager to reach other goals.
Erzsiko, all the best for you and keep going!
Sincerely, thank you, for sharing and the time spent together.

Conclusion? We can all choose our way…


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