6 months later – Now what??

Stop Hunger Now Gong
Stop Hunger Now Gong

Here I am 6 months later and my PULSE assignment has come to an end. Wow! What just happened? I can honestly say a LOT has happened to me both personally and professionally. This last week has been a great time of reflection and looking back over the past months.

It was bittersweet to leave my wonderful Stop Hunger Now (SHN) team/family in NC that introduced me to the “Southern Ways of Working & Eating”. What a sendoff… they presented Karen and I our own Stop Hunger Now Gongs thanking us for our efforts – helping them save lives.

I had a great time working with my SHN manager, Rick, and the entire SHN Staff. Together we had created a very aggressive project scope, and we were able to accomplish a lot in 6 months. I was able to visit 7 of the 18 warehouses to “go and see” what processes were in place. We worked collaboratively to map out the processes for the different types of meal packaging events, created centralized ordering worksheets, a 3PL model spreadsheet, documented Lot Control processes/next steps, improved communication and ways of working.

Karen & I also had fun sharing many of the GSK ADP tools and ways of working with the Stop Hunger Now staff such as designated meeting roles, after action reviews (AARs), STPs, KPIs, and fist or 5 to name a few.

How satisfying to know that we made a difference — to help Stop Hunger Now in their vision of ending hunger in our lifetime. I hope to bring Stop Hunger Now’s genuine passion, their strong vision, and energy with me along my path and to also share with my GSK associates.

I left Raleigh, NC early Saturday morning with my sunglasses on, my car packed and headed North to a welcoming committee of family and friends. Sadly, I have NOT seen the sun once since I crossed the Virginia / West Virginia border. There is nothing right about that! I did get an email from a Stop Hunger Now friend that the weather was nice enough to be driving around in their convertible… with the top down. (Sigh)

After the initial hugs and “how was your trip?”, my family and friends set off to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Rey Azteca. Looking up at the daily specials board, the “Barbara Especial”, named after me, was Saturday’s daily special. They KNEW!!! Bienvenidos Barbara!

Another observation that I knew I was back in Pittsburgh besides the cloudy skies, was the local Chipolte restaurant has only one kind of tea —- UNSWEETENED!

I made my way into GSK Pittsburgh Monday morning. There were new security guards at the desk, “Can I help you?” I was a stranger. I introduced myself and made my way up to my department, ready to see some familiar faces. I received another warm welcome from my team, whom I so appreciate. A big “THANK YOU” to my GSK team for taking on the additional workload while I was away on PULSE. Another big thanks and note of appreciation to all my family, friends and associates that have supported me through emails, texts, and calls while I was away on PULSE.

Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” resonated with me as to why I embarked on this PULSE journey. This quote along with the spirit and passion of Stop Hunger Now will continue to be a part of my daily check-in each morning.

6 Months went way too fast. I am very blessed to have had this wonderful opportunity.
Thank you GSK and Stop Hunger Now.

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  1. Great job Barb. I’m proud of your efforts and the immense lasting impact you have made with Stop Hunger Now. You have made GSK proud and we are extremely happy to have your talents and bright smile back with us! 🙂

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