Soon the end of my mission in DRC

I cannot believe that I‘m almost at the end of my PULSE mission. Looking at my calendar yesterday, I realized that I will leave the DRC next week 
I’m starting to think about things that I will miss … but also things that I will not miss 😉 !
I finish my mission on a very positive experience in Kasai. Our project is on a good way  with our partners who are motivated and convinced of the usefulness of this work ! I was able to experiment with them plenty of methods to improve performance and that’s a good thing. By leaving this project, I feel like leaving my baby to the crib …
I have learned so much in a short time that it’s like if I had spent 1 year in the DRC!
These two last missions taught me that the DRC can reserve many surprises (good as well as bad). It’s may be difficult to start things when you do not perceive people’s motivation but once the energy is here, we can do many interesting things …



I realize that I lived a unique experience here and that it has been a while that I did not take the time to think deeply about me and life and to take the time to observe what surround me. It has been 6 months with difficulties but so many learning and many opportunities in front of me.

I wish I will keep my eyes widely open … even upon my return !

See you soon.




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