December 12


Time is flying by

20140929_093522After having posted the tribute to Ceaser, I realised that it has been two whole months since I last blogged.  Lot’s has happened and where do I start!

Let’s start with an update on my project.  Just as a recap, major objectives were:

  • Compile a survey…tick done.
  • Conduct the survey on about 1000 young adults and compile the data in a suitable format for analysis….completed survey on about 800 from the target of 1000…we decided that this number of data points was for enough.  So objective completed.
  • Analyse data – ongoing
  • Identify and compile educational modules for the young adults at the Navjyoti and the community based on the data collected….ongoing
  • Reach out to the community and of trainers training – to be done

So I feel I am making good progress.  I am in the midst of the possibility of organising a couple of health camps, which will include eye and dental checkups, general medical care and an opportunity for the women folks to meet up with a gynaecologists.  Seems easy enough on paper!  However, in reality this is much harder to do in the short time frame left without contacts and funding.

Socially what have I been up to?  I visited Dharamsala…a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh.  This was not under the best of circumstances, but it was fun.  One of my best friend’s father had passed away and prompted me to take the overnight sleeper coach (a 10 to 11 hour overnight journey) up north to see her and her family.  I was dreading this journey but was surprised at how comfortable this journey actually was.  I reached in the early hours and my husband Rashmi was there to pick me up, feeling quite refreshed as I managed to get some decent sleep on the coach.  It was the same on the journey back.  I arrived in the early hours of Monday morning and after a quick shower, breakfast, I was ready for work.  I didn’t feel tired at all.

There was a long weekend holiday in October, so took this opportunity to visit Chennai. We met up with my brother and sister-in-law who were visiting their offices in Chennai.  We had a wonderful time, did some shopping, and relaxed on a beautiful beach resort. We had pepper crab and other local delicacies at the nearby restaurant, Moonrakers.  If ever in the area, be sure to visit, you will not be disappointed.  Also sampled the local cuisine in Chennai itself… eyes almost popped out when the Thali arrived at the size of the portions.  We had already had starters before this arrived.  Needless to say, the food was fantastic.

When we arrived back in Delhi, my husband developed severe abdominal pains; he was diagnosed with kidney stones and needed medical intervention to remove the blockage. So now we have experience of hospitals in India (well abroad really!).  The travel medical insurance kicked in and the staffs were excellent and relieved a lot of stress.

Following a trip back home (it was my daughter’s graduation, a very proud moment and Diwali so met up with most of my family, I have returned.

Weekend I catch up with my washing and house cleaning.  Check out the semi-automatic washing machine! In the evenings I spend a couple of hours teaching English, reading, spelling etc. to a few of the local children.  It has been a great way to make friends with some of the locals and satisfying.   I always said I couldn’t teach but this PULSE assignment has given me an opportunity to develop a new personal skill.

Well Xmas will soon be upon us but it really doesn’t feel like that here.  Enjoy your Xmas break everyone.