Prevention Partners: A Love Note


Dear Prevention Partners,

Even though I only traveled 25 miles from my home to do my Pulse assignment, it has been a cultural awaking.  Seeing the health care industry from the preventative angle vs. the prescriptive world of Big Pharma has given me the sense of what 20 enthusiastic people with a common purpose can accomplish. You are literally changing work places into environments where employees’ health and wellness are valued by the employers as much as the company’s bottom line.

It has been an amazing six months, and I cannot thank you enough for your infectious, positive energy and support.

I will surely miss each and everyone of you.



Weekly Wellness Tally


–          0 – bike rides:          Done for the season

–          0 – 1 hour walks:    Interrupted by arctic air flows

–          3 – jumping jacks or leg kicks while heating up lunch in microwave

–          1 – ½ hour walks at work:  Arctic air

–          0 – walks to run errands at plaza across the street: Drove my car

–          4 – ½ hour runs (indoors)

–          0 – ½ hour runs (outdoors):  Arctic air

–          0 – 30 minutes of that cardo, fat burning video:    😦  I had meetings

–         6– ½ hour set of leg trashing

Fruit Intake:

–         Blueberries & raspberries

–         Granny smith apples sliced and dipped in hummus.  That was dinner one night.  Yum.

Veggie Intake:

–         Hummm.  There was some really over cook broccoli in my Chinese take-out.


Chocolate = 1 One of Prevention Partners’ vendors sent a box of Godiva chocolates as an end of year thank you.  I chose the Aztec spice truffle.  It is a dark chocolate ganache flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, and exotic spices inspired by an ancient Aztec recipe, all in a dark chocolate shell sprinkled with red cocoa. An unprecedented pairing of sweet and heat, the Aztec Spice truffle is FREAKING AMAZING.

Cups of high octane caffeine tea = Oh lordy, I climbed to the tallest peaks of Mount Rainier and did a reverse 2 1/2 Somersaults in the Pike Position into the largest cup of caffeinated tea.  This resulted in my brain acting like a five year old running through Disney unattended.   My deepest apologies go to my cube mates for putting up with my paper shuffling, erratic typing, and play musical chairs all by myself. Not a pretty sight.


My last Pulse blog…:(
Pulse 2014 volunteer at Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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