It is interesting to know your opinion

Knowledge without practice is dead and even poisonous. There are many theories according to which if you receive something you should  try to share this with the biggest number of people. I followed this advice. This half a year of my life has  really been a period of accumulation of knowledge: a new language, a new culture, a new way of working in another country,  gaining new skills for professional growth and of course for personal development. At some point when you are full of knowledge you  want to share it . That  is exactly what happened to me.

I have already told you that I am doing a computer course. It all started because I felt lack of computer knowledge and skills and I could even call myself computer illiterate. At the same time  I am reading some interesting books on how to become more effective planning your work.  While having a conversation with one of my colleagues being excited I shared one of these ideas with one her and she asked me to share it with her children.  And the moment occurred when  I got an  idea that it is possible to organize a small lecture presentation on any topic once a week or once a month.

For example, one day it can  be a discussion of a book which you or some of your colleagues read  or simply a prepared brief review. The other day it can be a management presentation  on some efficient  tools  as ADP ( because everyone has success in at least one of the areas of management and they can tell you how they got it, and possibly their example will inspire others to such improvement and changes). There are a lot more various topics for discussion,  such as a watched  movie, a new option of Excel program  or even some new applications for your phone that make your life easier and more interesting.  As for me, it is a great team building event. This gives a wonderful opportunity to discover the world  of many people and get acquainted with the colleagues.

And it is needed to be mentioned that experience got through  learning something is completely  different from experience you get while teaching other people. It really  becomes a part of you.

I am really  happy and grateful that this idea came to my PRRRcolleagues’mind and we have held a series of presentations and discussions on various topics.

What do you think about this idea?  Can it be useful for you?

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  1. Our whole live is an on-going learning process. You should never stop to learn and you should be always open to learn things outside your comfort zone. I think you have the right attitude. Keep it up! I wish you all the best for your remaining time in Tanzania. Greetings from Kisumu.

  2. Hi! Doing good deeds continues) Any positive must be! As for me it`s important to have addressees feedback. This is the best landmark and prompt to understand move direction or you should stop.

  3. Perfect! This kind of activity will also give another result – people will COMMUNCATE! In our modern world we have such a great number of different devices for communication that we really don’t have time to use them… Sharing information will give an opportunity to create new contacts, to make friends and just to have some good time together!

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