Words of gratefulness

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in Canada and the United States Last week. It is not very popular in my country and very few people know about it in Tanzania. Recently this holiday became one of the most  favourite holidays of the year. You have wonderful opportunity to compliment people and say  words of love, and gratitude, and no one will think that you’re crazy 🙂 Just kidding of course. They will definitely think you are. But sometimes it is worth taking a risk! Thanks and recognition of the other person is the foundation of happiness.  In GSK Ukraine, we have a service card “Thank you, dear colleague” as gratitude for the support that you can send virtually any time. There is no such service in Tanzania but I decided that this blog will be a big thank  to my colleagues who I have been working with for last six months. Thanks to them I  have gained what I planned. Now I would like to introduce you this people.

Rehema Kassim


In preparation for the assignment one of strongest fears was a fear that I wouldnt be able to establish communication with my new colleagues and wouldn’t  be able to understand the value of my new environment … and I still remember the time when I was probably a little (or maybe a lot) frightened, wanting to make the best impression,  came into the office and  literally five minutes seeing my excitement Rehema came up to me and hugged me like my mother. And  next day she showed me around the hospital, acquainted with the staff told me about the culture and traditions of Tanzania and due to this  support I was absolutely ok. Cheerful, sincere, kind, caring and efficient – she really creates  a unique sense of comfort and security near her. It fascinates me the most profound human qualities and as a colleague she has always helped me to organize all my activities and to involve people and solving working  issues.

Shibide Lugoba


‘Serious, even a little strict, bright and all-controlling. Her motto in life is ” working hard makes all things possible”, that is exactly what her life is. She has a colleague who never fails to work and business woman who takes an active social position and is actively helping other people solve their problems, organizing others to help them. During my stay in Mwanza Shibide defended a scientific work and received a title of  Master of science in Epidemiology. Thanks to her for being a role model and pushing me to act and create.

Doctor Flora


There are people who surprise  you, inspire and live so sincerely that watching them is a great pleasure! Emotional, ideological and energetic. I met her on my first day of work. I saw her speaking in the meeting  in front of patients. She was explaining  them what procedures they need to have, what doctors to visit and why . She was speaking emotionally, gesticulating  a lot… her performance was similar to speeches of politicians. A few days later I had the opportunity to work with her while  inspecting patients. Every second woman did not want to take part in  the process of screening? because they didn’t understand the importance of this and Dr. Flora using her charm and  soft voice sometimes for 15 -20 minutes explained every of them why it is necessary, showing great respect and patience to each of them. Thank to  her for invaluable experience in priceless experience in building  communication.

Doctor Irene


With a very first  glance she impressed me as a person with great inner depth, absolutely stable, confident and sincere. I havent had an  opportunity to work with her closely, but guided by the general meeting, in my opinion one of her main qualities is the ability to find a solution acceptable to all and tolerance.

Salim Msonga!


Serious, hard-working and responsible! Sincerely glad his desire to learn, grow and comprehend all new things! Thanks to him  for your kindness to  people.

Many thanks to all the nurses and doctors for their smiles, their optimism, their hard work, for warmth and taking care of   patients!


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