Becoming a TV Serbian star

Few days after arriving in Belgrade I met GSK Serbia colleagues, who really welcomed me and supported me in the adaptation process to the country. Sanja Panjeskovic is the Corporate Communication and Patient Advocacy Coordinator in GSK Serbia and she asked me if I would like to participate in the media campaign to explain why I am in Serbia and to talk about volunteering activities, mentioning the PULSE GSK program and the need for this kind of initiatives. That opportunity would allow me also to speak about the NGO BELhospice and the work they do providing palliative care services to terminally ill cancer patients in Serbia, spreading awareness among population.
I really don´t know how I said “yes, I will do it!”. I think in Spain I wouldn´t never do it because I would be embarrassed, but the fact of being in other country, a TV that you don´t know and a “nothing to lose”, made me get into this mess.
So I started my TV experience with an interview at a TV studio. It was the first time I was on TV and unusual for me I was not nervous at all, maybe because no one could understand what I was saying, as I was asked to speak in Spanish because it was more “exotic” 0_0. Sanja was with me on stage translating what I was saying from Spanish into Serbian.

Studio B 01

Sanja Panjeskovic and me in Studio B TV

Studio B 05
The same day in the afternoon I went to GSK Serbia facilities and I was recorded there in order to prepare a report about my work in Belgrade, the PULSE program, the NGO BELhospice where I work, what I like most about the city and impressions about Serbia. They are always surprised when they hear that a foreigner comes to Serbia voluntarily to work in an NGO and also extremely interested in knowing what you like most about the city and if you will come back after these six months.


Belgrado-TV 2014-10-02 014

Belgrado-TV 2014-10-02 028
Here there is a link to the video
In the third interview I already moved myself like a fish in water. Sanja and I went to one of the most beautiful places in Serbia (Ada lake) to have the interview, in which I also spoke about the PULSE program, the NGO BELhospice work, my experiences in Serbia… I really think that these interviews help on one hand to spread awareness of palliative care in Serbia and the work of BELhospice, and on the other hand to communicate the need for volunteering activities in the community. The interview was also in Spanish but this time I dared with some words in Serbian!

PINK Ada 1
Besides all these experiences on TV I was also in print media.

Lisa magazine
Before coming to my assignment in Serbia I have never imagined myself making interviews haha, but I have to say that the experience has been very positive and Sanja did a great job with the media!!! We must be very proud of the program and the support we give to the organizations