December 02


Thanksgiving in Nairobi

Most movies show how Thanksgiving is a miserable day spent with family whom is only seen once a year (‘hilarious’ high jinx somehow ensues). To real American families, Thanksgiving is a very important and special holiday. It was very difficult to spend Thanksgiving away from my family.

So we had Thanksgiving in Nairobi!

My girlfriend and her friend came to visit for the week which shifted the balance to four Americans in our group! Together with Eileen we were able to recreate some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

It was extra special to me since Beverley, Caroline, and Lisa had been talking about this dinner for a month! It was fun to share our traditions while also explaining the origins of the holiday: something about Native Americans, Pilgrims, and watching football (okay, I don’t actually remember the real story). Beverley, as a joke, had a feather headband and asked if we are supposed to sing the national anthem before we eat.


The main dish is key to the holiday, but unfortunately I was not able to find turkey. When I tried to explain that a turkey is a large chicken, they brought out a large chicken. It is a small difference and chicken is similar enough.

Anna brought everything else that I could not find here: cranberries, pumpkin filling (for pie), quality cheese, and stuffing.Thanksgiving