Notes of life in Tanzania

Just a few days left before the last month of my assignment begins. And there are so many things I would love to do and see which I havent done and seen yet.

Previous month of my life here was full of  such events: visiting Dar es Salaam, travelling to Zanzibar, improving my computer skills to share  them with colleagues.

First I had a wonderful trip to the capital of Tanzania Dar es Salaam , where I had the chance to meet and have a good time with my pulse-colleague Emma and  make sure again sure that GSK is a big happy family and I convinced again that GSK people are supportive encouraging and  always ready to help in any difficult situation. Emma and I  visited the museum  of Tanzanian village – one of the two museums, where all the tourists go to Dar es Salaam. The museum consists of houses, collected from different parts of Tanzania. Some houses are large and spacious with many room and others are more like haystacks or sheds. Inside the  houses you can find objects of a simple tribal life. Inspection of the museum-village ended with a national dance of some staff of the museum and we were invited to participate … we did it with big interest. Dance was  simple and so we did well.




Travelling to Zanzibar was waiting for me after Dar es Salaam, visiting  Stone Town  and Prison Island, Jozani Forest. Swimming in the Indian Ocean with dolphins, watching ebbs and flows, getting acquainted with giant tortoises, some of which are over 100 years old, enjoying picturesque sunsets and sunrises and full african Hakuna Matata. All these were a great  source of inspiration for affairs which were waiting for me on my arrival  in Mwanza.

DSC02033 DSC01959 DSC02574 DSC02913 DSC02564DSC02127

Frankly speaking  after all experienced emotions getting back to work was quite not easy… Even before my departure to Dar I made a decision that I have enough time here in Tanzania  to supplement my knowledge in certain areas. In this case I use such instruments as  online education. I have been taking part in vebinars for a long time and they have been devoted for different topics…before previously they  were  mostly  personal performance and personality but this time I was more focused on  upgrading my professional skills in using different computer programs, which can be good support at  my  working duties. Initially, the aim was to study Access program  which I chose to organize one of the date basis I dealt with. Then I decided to continua digging deeper and saw some gaps in knowledge of Excel moreover I have a great opportunity to apply my knowledge in practice and share them with others.

And here is an interesting fact to and up  up my article today… I do not think I ‘ll unearth a big secret if I write that  Caucasian girls are in demand  and African  men are absolutely sincere and open about all their desires that very often causes a certain feeling of embarrassment.  And in Africa brides are bought, throught negotiating and coordinating a  ransom with parents…it could be a million shillings or more, or less … So for all this time I also received a lot of different proposals but this  month I received probably the most unexpected for me…as a future wife I was offered  60 cows 🙂  Life is getting more exciting…in this case the only thing I should be worried about  is how to transfer these cows to my parents 🙂


DSC03418 DSC02143 DSC02109 DSC02345



  1. I think that 60 cows is a good offer Milla. I think perhaps your parents should also ask for some blankets

  2. Milla, you’ve seen so many beautiful things ans visited many great places! wow! That’s a valuable experience.
    And talking about cows…
    60 is an impressive number but don’t trade your love for cows ))))
    A real feeling is priceless so always follow your heart!
    Greetings from Ukraine!

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