November 24


A tribute to Ceaser

I am now comfortable

I am now comfortable

Thousands of miles away and I am saddened to hear that Ceaser is no longer with us.  I just wanted to capture a few words of a loveable  family member that stole my heart and my familys.  Tears are running down me as I write this as he will be missed dearly.  I was very afraid of dogs before he came into our lives.  I was one of those people who would see a dog and would cross the road.  However that changed almost 2 years ago.

My nephew Chatan came to work with my husband Rashmi.  It was January  and the weather was cold and wintery.  He only had his bike and said he would drive down every day from Leicester as he had Ceaser and there was no one to look after him. Trish was staying at her mums during the week and she had the only family car.  I received a phone call at work from Rashmi, saying do you mind if Chatan brings Ceaser with him and than they could both stay during the week.  I must say I was very apprehensive but I couldn’t very well say no.  Ok I will just have to deal with the situation as best as I can.

So when I got home there was Ceaser.  As soon as I entered this dog,  a Staffordshire Bull terrier  just couldn’t stop running around me and wanted to jump up at me…however, he soon learned that I didn’t like that.  So I meakly patted him to say hello and that was it.  He was happy with that.  As I made my evening meal, especially the chapattis he would be there, not far from my feet.  “Please can I have some?” he seems to be saying.  It took me about a week to let go of my apprehension.  He was a lovely dog, gentle, well behaved and respectful.  He knew his boundaries (he was not allowed in the lounge or upstairs).  Having said that, he did sneek upstairs a couple of times when e.g. there was shouting going on upstairs…he just wanted to make sure that all was OK!

He was always very excited when you entered the house, jumped up to say hello to everyone.  I would tell everyone that he was the most gentle of dogs that I know of and that he would not harm them.  He definitely had a very calming effect on the whole of my family and I wish to thank him for that.  I will miss the walks in the woods.  His ears would go up and his tail would be wagging wildly whenever we said come on time to go for a walk Ceaser.  He would ready to get his collar on and his lead so that we could leave.

Those visits to Leicester will not be the same…it was always lets go and say hi to Ceaser..never let’s go see Chatan and Trish.  I will miss Ceaser dearly.  I have many fond memories of him in the short time that we have known him.  May he rest in peace.

That was an exhausting walk...need to cool down!

That was an exhausting walk…need to cool down!