50 things I will miss about Uganda #becsoneill

I was driving back from Murchison Falls (for a second time) yesterday and had an overwhelming sad feeling. It was the first time it has really hit me that in under 3 weeks time I’m actually not going to be here anymore! Although I’m now really excited about getting home to see my friends, family and Barney especially, It’s going to be really upsetting leaving this country and I got into thinking of all the things I’m really going to miss about this place and thought I’d share them with you…….

  1. The consistently happy, smiling faces
  2. Hearing “Mzungu Mzungu!!” as I walk by
  3. Running at sunrise
  4. The long life milk that lasts for agggees…I’m talking a month! Cravendale should be ashamed!
  5. The Cafesserie flute bread, hummus and spicy dip combo
  6. Relaxing Saturdays pampering and sunbathing at Emin Pasha
  7. Spending time with Yatin at Mayfair Casino…even on a Monday evening, this is acceptable
  8. Pretty farmland and agriculture as far as the eye can see
  9. The 500 shilling (10p), HUGE (I mean Huge) and much fresher than Tesco’s AVOCARDOS.
  10. “Come Now Now”….not just “Now”- the difference between ETA in 5 mins or half an hour!!
  11. Casual weekend safari trips weekend…lion spotting, cycling with Zebras and stand-off with elephants.
  12. The Gorillas (LOVE)
  13. The weather- not too sticky, too cold…just lovely
  14. My regular mini pedis at Sparkles with the girls
  15. Paul
  16. Ugandan time and no need for rushing around
  17. In the car dodging potholes, pedestrians, cows, goats, motorcycles, and three cars coming toward you on a two lane street – This is now normality
  18. Nippy Boda Bodas weaving in and out of the jams and pure amazement at how a whole family and a piece of furniture can fit on one bike!
  19. Boxing with the commonwealth bronze medallist
  20. Homeland marathon evenings with Carey
  21. Hellofood orders with Carey
  22. Living with Carey…. J Best room-mate I could’ve asked for!
  23. Date nights with Ron
  24. VERY long road-trips surrounded by rolling red soil and stunning green countryside
  25. Weekend breaks at stunning lodges
  26. ROLEX
  27. Eye-opening field visits and making Mbale my second Ugandan home
  28. Warigi ,Club and Nile Special
  29. Freshly grilled Talapia
  30. KIZZA’s deep African voice
  31. African Buzz and Music pumping on the back of trucks
  32. Children that will make your heart melt
  33. 1000 cups dress tailors
  34. Haggling at the craft market
  35. Listening to Celine and Whitney belting out a ballad EVERY day on the journey to work every morning
  36. Random events you just would not think Uganda would have…ie Watching Grease at the theatre or going to a Shaggy concert
  37. Having a maid who cleans my clothes AND SHOES better than any washing machine
  38. The peacefulness and certain je ne sais quoiz that catches you at certain points
  39. Jimmy, the security guard, who welcomes me into work with a big grin every morning
  40. Rav 4s & Toyotas as the only cars on the road
  41. The sea of blue and white matatus
  42. The simplicity of loading MTN airtime
  43. Working outdoors in the CHAI office
  44. The no-shame squatting policy
  45. Stupid dancing in Big Mikes, Iguana and Bubbles
  46. The fact that “Ok, pliz (please)” can be an answer to just about everything. Example: “Ibra, what time are you coming by the office today?” Only to receive a text back saying, “OK, pliz.”….confusing but funny!
  47. Vibrant fabric, clothes and personalities
  48. Endiro Greek Salad with Chicken
  49. Skipping over pot-holes- despite the early injuries!
  50. The amazing friends that I have met out here and who I will never forget!

Only one more blog post to go before I wrap up this incredible experience…It’s going to be emotional 😦

Speak and see some of you very soon!photo 8 photo 7 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1