November 15


Proud to be a GSK Employee

I look into the windows of my mind

Reflections of the fears I know I’ve left behind

I step out of the ordinary

I can feel my soul ascending

I’m on my way

Can’t stop me now

And you can do the same

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

It’s never too late to try

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Everyday so many times all the lyrics of the song “Proud” by Heather Small touch my heart. This is not just because I am on the PULSE Assignment, because it also gives me the opportunity to see the things that make you all the GSK Employees feel proud. It’s a big investment, each of us spending time either on Orange day, Orange United, PULSE or anything in between; it has big returns – it brings smiles in the places which used to cry, it brings hope in the communities who were in the fear.

I have been here in Kenya for more than two months and my assignment with Save the Children Kenya is to support the health commodity management of Bungoma County. Bungoma, one of the 47 counties in Kenya has some of the highest number of child deaths in the entire Country. As part of long term partnership between GSK and Save the Children, Save the Children Kenya launched BORESHA project on 04th July this year which aims to accelerate the reduction in maternal and new born mortality in Bungoma County. As a result of this programme and investment, nearly 200,000 woman and children will be benefitted.

I am still completing Diagnose and Design part of my assignment and have been visiting many health care facilities in this county to understand the challenges and to identify areas which can be supported immediately, areas which require strategic action plans! I cannot guarantee that all my efforts will necessarily change the situation but it’s never too late to try to be part of great positive changes that are taking place here.  You – all the GSK employees are also part of this great journey! I have captured only few photographs but there are many photographs, many positive stories around the world and the numbers are growing each day because of you – the photographs, the stories that speak and make us all proud!

Proud to be a GSK Employee 🙂

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