Xi – Omicron: The Sighs and Oohs of Remembrance

Remembrance – the sighs or the oohs?

The sighs for the lows, the woes;

The oohs for the highs, the glees.


Remember, remember the 5th of November [1605] – the gunpowder treason, the sighs …

409 years later, I witnessed the crackling of beautiful fireworks which radiated the clear autumn Manchester night sky, the full moon and stars in yonder – a brief yet enlightening spectacle!

Remember, remember the 9th of November [1989] – the fall of the Berlin wall, the oohs…

25 years later, I witnessed the contrast between the solemnness of Remembrance Sunday and the celebration of a unification that was born 25 years earlier in Berlin.

Remember, remember the 11th of November [1918] – the end of World War I, the oohs?

96 years later, at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month, a moment of silence in remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

For those known and unknown – men of war, women of war, children of war, prisoners of war …

Lest we forget! The beauty of peace and harmonisation in our world is a shared responsibility.

96 years and counting…. how close are we to world peace and harmony?


I remember the 14th of January 2014 – the day I decided to apply to the GSK PULSE Volunteer Partnership programme.

I remember the 17th of January – deadline day; I submitted my application to PULSE.

I remember the 30th of January – I made it through the next phase of the application, I was delighted!

I remember the 25th of February – it was official, I had the ‘PULSE gene’, my DNA was PULSE compatible [The meaning? You’ll know it if you have one!]

I remember the 6th of March – Ghana’s 57th Independence Day anniversary. I had an in-depth conversation about my motivations for PULSE and my preferences; an international assignment or a local one? Perhaps Ghana or Northwest England? It was a tough call!

I remember the 25th of March – congratulations, I had been successfully matched to Golden Lane Housing (GLH). I was ecstatic – for me, it was the perfect location, the perfect assignment to look forward to, the perfect match!

However, I had to make some tough decisions along the way as I encountered some defining moments. But ultimately I accepted the offer of an assignment with GLH – it was more than looking forward to a different experience; it was about making a real difference.

I have learnt a lot from being in a different environment. I have developed myself in ways I did not expect to, I have surprised myself, I have surprised others and I have been surprised by others.

It has not all been smooth riding, in fact it’s been roller-coasting!

But on the 10th of November 2014, the 100th working day of my PULSE assignment,

As I reflected on the past – hurdles jumped, bridges crossed;

I also looked forward to the future – opportunities to be grabbed, passions to be fulfilled.

But with 102 days on, I can confidently say I’ve had the best 5 months of my professional life and it has been a great reward.

Lest I forget!

Poppy Fields Remembrance Day

Courtesy : http://enpundit.com/for-remembrance-day-breathtaking-photos-of-poppy-fields/


Your Beloved,

Xi Omicron

Pulse of Ulverston

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