Miniature Boats

Finally I got a chance to see the minitiature boats the collection of which my NGO’s Cultural Preservation Team is building with the help of craftsman which are involved in building ships. All these miniature boats are made of bamboo. These are sold in the price range of 15000 to 60000 takas. Yes that is really expensive! The price shattered my hopes of buying one.

Building of boats was a big industry in the India sub continent once upon a time. These boats were build in Bangladesh till 1980 aftre which the industry saw a downfall due to the import of cheap diesel engines from China. The second blow came from the change in the building material . From wood to steel.

Friendship is trying to preserve this culture by building the boats for tourism, creating a museum and making miniature replicas of the big boats that are exhibited worldwide.

Sachin Gupta

Miniature Boats
Miniature Boats

Luis Pena


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