TOO FAR TO WALK – on the road

Free voucher for Transportation

I’ve been in Kisumu at OGRA foundation for two months now and I’m happy to tell you that one of my projects “TOO FAR TO WALK” has been accepted and funded by OGRA for a pilot phase of 3 months.

As a quick reminder, this effort is part of the “Operation Karibu” project which encourages women to come at the medical centre for delivery. As a motivator, upon delivering in the health facilities, the mothers are given a pack of baby clothes to carry home. Despite being recognized as an important factor in preventing maternal and infant deaths, access to hospital delivery remains a challenge in developing countries such as Kenya

After the visit to 3 health facilities (Bunde dispensary, Nyagoma HC and OGRA MC in Ombeyi) and discussions with the nurses and the medical staff in all 3 facilities it was decided to start the required evaluation work with OGRA MC in Ombeyi . OGRA MC has been selected due to some advantages: good collaboration and relationships with medical staff member and the Community health workers, open 24h /24h, large number of ANC visits, services more advanced ( HIV care, Anti Natal Care (ANC) and Post Natal Care visits (PNC))

A questionnaire was created and used in Ombeyi (OGRA MC) to find out the key barriers that prevent women from delivering in the health facilities.

It appears that for 100% of interviewed women the access to hospital delivery remains a challenge due to transportation.

Transportation is a problem which has to be solved in order to increase the number of deliveries at health care facilities and 100% of the interviewed women confirmed that current transportation situation it is the key issue which has to be improved!

A voucher for free transportation could have a good impact on the increasing of number of deliveries at health care facilities.

This voucher will be given only to the women who come at least one time to the ANC visits in the health care facilities.

3 main means of transport are used in Ombeyi area:

  • bicycle (boda boda)
  • motorbike (piki piki)
  • car

Bicycle is too slow for pregnant women in labour pains.

Car rent or purchase would be too expensive for the pilot project.

Motorbike can be more beneficial where the roads are too narrow and can’t be passed by car.

Consequently motorbike is considered to be the best transport option in this rural area.

Piki Piki drivers who agree to be available 24 hours / 7 days a week have been found and a price defined in regards of the location and the timing of the delivery. It cots around o,5o Euros to 3.50 Euros per transport.

During the pilot phase of 3 months, the voucher should also target women whose EDD (Expected Date of Delivery) is not more than three months.

This pilot phase is now started and we ‘re waiting with impatience the results …

Medical Staff and community Health workers are fully involved in this project and will promote this voucher to pregnant women both in the Medical centre and in the field.

Benta & Goreti Community Health Workers
OGRA MC medical staff
Joyce and Geoffrey OGRA Staff Member
Piki piki & Boda Boda












In addition to the voucher and in order to help women to arrive on time at the medical centre for the delivery, a leaflet highlighting the TOP signs of delivery will be given to pregnant women and help them to recognize the key signs that labour is beginning and when it’s time to go to the Medical centre.

This leaflet will be called   “Too late to Walk”

This leaflet should be short, easy to understand by everybody, at each level of education.

Many thanks to OGRA and especially to Fredah Ajowi  and Dr Steve Okello Ajowi who allow me to give birth to this project. It is a ‘labour’ of love…!!!

As soon I collected the first date, I’ll keep you informed on the first results.

Kwaheri 🙂



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