November 04


Second Week in Dhaka!

View from my apartment in Dhaka

View from my apartment in Dhaka

Process Mapping of Friendship's Emergency Response in event of Disaster

Process Mapping of Friendship’s Emergency Response in event of Disaster

Friendship Emergency Response Process

This is my second week in Dhaka and I have settled down well. I have been enjoying working with Friendship. The work atmosphere in the office is full of fun and people enjoy working here.

At Dhaka, I find myself very much at home as the city has close resemblence to any of the Indian cities.

People seem to be more curious about knowing about our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. Also, Bollywood which happens to be one of the largest film industry is helping me to connect with the people. Hasib Bhai who is my colleague at Friendship happens to be the fan of most of the Bollywood villans with Prem Chopra being his favourite.

My assignment is to prepare the SOP for the NGO which will help to define the roles and responsibilities and how Friendship will respond in the event of disaster. First week was difficult as I had no clue to start with. However I have decided to go slow and collect the information on how Friendship responds in the event of disaster. I am in currently diagnosis phase and have used tools such as Strategy Deployment, Interviews and Process Mapping to start with.