Lambda-Mu-Nu : Like Me and You, The Spider’s Web

It’s bye-bye October; welcome to my 10th blog!

I cannot believe it’s been a month since my last blog.

How did I manage to be silent for that long?

But have I really been silent?

I may not have shared with you my thoughts and experiences,

But I have benefitted from those I had interacted with, their thoughts and experiences.


Look at what I woke up to on the 1st of October,


A work of art, the work of a genius, in my backyard I found.

Painstakingly crafted, meticulously created, a spider’s web I found.

The entrapped morning dew smothering the delicate interwoven strands,

Glittering under the rays of the early morning autumn sun.

Was this seemingly natural phenomenon trying to tell me something?

Was it a good omen; perhaps an indication of what was to come?

Well, as it turned out over the past month, my life was enriched by a variety of individuals with whom I had engaged with on a variety of subject matters – from thought provoking discussions to much needed advice.

Thank you for the discussions that made me pause and ponder.

Thank you for the discussions that made me glitter as I looked forward to the future.

Thank you for the discussions that made me reminisce about my native Ghana – the life, the people, the food and all … it was enchanting.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the already existing interconnections among those I had interacted with.

Later on in the month when I was feeling like a highly positively charged nucleus with highly inspiring electrons revolving within my electromagnetic network,

I found this in my backyard – another work of art, this time with the genius stuck right in the middle.


Nothing spooky or superstitious, but very symbolic of my sensibilities; maybe the neighbourhood spider had shared my journey with me.


In fact, the natives of my paternal hometown Bonwire (in Ghana) owe their livelihood to the spider. According to a 17th century legend, it was the discovery of one such beautiful spider’s web that inspired two expert cloth weavers to develop the kente cloth.

Handmade from colourful yet strong strands interwoven into beautiful yet meaningful patterns, the kente cloth transcends the shores of Ghana – a proud symbol of African heritage and vibrancy.


My symbol of culture – A glimpse of some of my own beautiful patterns (not for sale)


On the 26th of October, the clock struck 1am; an hour later it was still 1am.

That was good-bye to British Summer Time and welcome Greenwich Mean Time.

So for the next 5 months, when it is 12 noon in the UK, it is 12 noon in Ghana.

Ah! Perhaps that explains why last week turned out to be surprisingly summery in Manchester.


October was indeed very kind to me!

There were celebrations, jubilations and some surprises.


Hello November, Hello All Saints Day.

May November be filled with the saintlike and the saintly.

And may the beautiful strands of life knit us together in a web of beauty.


Your Beloved,

Lamda Mu Nu Combined

Pulse of Ulverston


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