The very thought of writing a blog had me procrastinating and, oddly, at a loss of words. What should I write about? Every idea that popped into my head I had questioned into oblivion. Is it blog worthy? Would someone want to read this? What should be in a blog?, etc.

Then, over dinner with a colleague, it was pointed out to me that a blog is the modern day journal, a place to record my thoughts and reflections. It was there all the time. My blog. It was so BIG that I could not see it. My irrational fear of blogging was about to come to an end. Here is that story.

I have been volunteering at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. They raise money for pediatric cancer research. My time is spent reaching out to researchers/investigators who have received financial grants from the foundation. I inquire about several things: what scientific breakthroughs the foundation has funded and what impact their funding has on pediatric cancer patients. In short, I spend my days asking others to share a story with me. Some of these stories are scientific in nature and others are about how research has helped (or will help) a patient. And, as was pointed out during that aforementioned dinner, I spend my days recording the stories of others when I could not seem to derive one of my own. What irony!


  1. Sounds like you surround yourself with very smart colleagues…. Hopefully those you are trying to extract stories from do the same! You are one of 98 volunteers around the world….. Changing communities, changing yourself and helping change GSK…… So much there is blog worthy!

  2. I can understand you, sometimes we want to do the most perfect entry and we do not write, but I have to tell you that I felt inspired after reading it and today I did a new post! Regards!

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