The BEST Global Branding Workshop ever!

This is the BEST ever workshop I have attended!

To be honest, I am still a bit confused on Save the Children structure, with all the Save the Children US, Save the Children UK, Save the Children Australia etc. and Save the Children International. The only thing I know is they don’t have a unified global brand positioning, which sometimes create confusion on donors. And it is such a waste that each Save the Children country office is doing so many great things but they can’t create synergy between them.

In view of this, Save the Children UK has initiated the Global Branding Workshop to develop a Global Brand Proposition for SC which allows us to have a clear, distinctive and appealing brand image and build salience above tactical campaigns. The workshop was held in Vietnam on Oct 20-22. And different representatives from different country offices were invited to join: US, Italy, Australia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Norway and India. They are all experts on Marketing and Communication, and I was so honor to have chance to work with them! We also invited 2 agency persons from DDB to join us too. It was such a great 3-day workshop with all the strategic discussion, brainstorming, group exercises and presentation. Feedback from the facilitator and agency partners was that we were the most enthusiastic client they have ever worked with.  After the 3-day workshop, we have finally worked out a final brand positioning that everyone feels good and right to move forwards to achieve our goal by 2030! I always ask myself how I can bring sustainable impact to Save the Children. And I am so happy that I have chance to participated in this workshop and contributed to this long-term strategic brand positioning, which I am sure this will bring Save the Children to another level!

Besides the intensive and fruitful 3-day workshop, we had lots of fun with all the participants. As a “local” person who have stayed in Vietnam for 4 months, I brought them to good places to shop, eat and also, to have the most famous Vietnamese coffee. I enjoyed meeting all these great people from all over the world, and I also discovered Vietnam a lot more when I brought them around!

The BEST ever workshop I have ever had!
The BEST ever workshop I have ever had!


  1. Hi , I agree with you ! Save the Children needs to bring more visibily to the work that they do to make them more recognised. Happy reading, I am assigned to Save The Children Sri Lanka, Colombo Office, a home assignment.

  2. Exactly! It’s such a waste that not many people know what the good things Save the Children is doing!

    I am enjoying a lot and feel very fulfilling by involving in this brand positioning development. Hope you have a great time with your assignment too!

  3. Hi Shanna! How are u? Yay, it’s complicated to understand their structure. Hope u are having a great time in US!

  4. Hi Brenda! I wish this workshop was available last year when I was with SC in Laos. Sad to read that no one from Laos attended. They are neighboring countries. Also what many people don’t realize, not all branches at Save the Children can fundraise indvidually. They rely on Save the Children UK,or Save the Children Korea for example for their main source of funding. Can’t believe you have been there for four months already! Time will fly by now… be prepared!

  5. Hi Sharona! As far as I understand, Vietnam can’t raise fund individually and need to rely on SCI as well. Not every country joined the workshop, but I think some countries, e.g. Vietnam and Laos and Myanmar, share similar status, so no worry, we definitely have voice from Southeast Asia in the branding development process. It was such a great thing to have a standardized brand positioning so different SC branches can create synergy and be consistent on terms of messaging and look and feel to donors.

    Yes, I can’t believe it has already been 4 months. Time really FLIES! I will enjoy every bite for the remaining 2 months! And you know what, I start miss Vietnam and all the people I meet here!

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