Prevention Partners and Process Improvement

doodles 2

Meeting Goal: Capture current Access Code business process, analyze and determine gaps then brain storm ideas for a new and improved Access Code process.  And then

Holy Diversionary Tactics, Batman.

The meeting was diverted to “How to draw a better stick figure.”

Here are the questions the team had to ask themselves to declare the drawing of a stick figure had indeed improved.

1. Is the modified stick figure drawing stable and repeatable? Yes, Annie is able to draw Sassy Lady several time in a row.

2. Did the stick figure improve? 100% percent improvement; Sassy Lady is much more professional than Mr. Grabbyhands.

3. Standardize the stick figure process.  Yes, given plenty of Post-It note pads and magic markers, the team can reproduce Sassy Lady in various meetings held through the following business year.

Annie rocked the doodle pad!


Back to Access Codes.  The team created one of these…

Task Mapping

and then I created one of these.Access Code Proposed Process Flow Diagramand then

Holy Headache, Batman.



Weekly Wellness Tally


–          0 – bike rides

–          0 – 1 hour walks

–          1 – jumping jacks or leg kicks while heating up lunch in microwave

–          6 – ½ hour walks at work

–          1 – walks to run errands at plaza across the street

–          2 – ½ hour runs (indoors)

–          0 – ½ hour runs (outdoors)

–          0 – 30 minutes of that cardo, fat burning video

–          4– ½ hour set of leg trashing

Fruit Intake:

–         Apples, Bananas, Cranberry/ Pomegranate juice with lots of ice to reduce amount of caloric intake

Veggie Intake:

–         Celery, snap peas, asparagus and lots more celery


Chocolate = 0

Several days of sinus migraines, lack of sleep, and a need for a functioning brain at work =  1 cup of high octane P&G tips tea around noon and BAM!

Holy Frankenstein Its Alive, Batman!


See you next week,
Pulse 2014 volunteer at Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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