Positive change, gratitude, satisfaction

Today was my last day of Pulse assignment. I cannot believe 15 weeks passed by so fast. I went to Philadelphia Education Fund (Ed fund) to make some positive change. My task was to make an assessment of the Ed fund’s IT landscape and propose a 3 year technology road map.  But I realized soon enough that Ed fund was ready to embrace change right away. They needed remote access and better performing systems so they could perform better. It was a great opportunity for me to set vision for this project and help them get to where they wanted to be. With everyone joining hands, we were able to make significant progress. They now have access to their data from anywhere, any time and from any device. A well performing and secure technology is in place, it will help them do all the good work more effectively. I am so happy that Ed fund is moving in the right direction with respect to IT infrastructure.

My main motivation for pulse assignment was to help the needy, work on the field in direct contact with the people that I wanted to help. I wanted to make some contribution to children’s education. I was so excited to learn about all the programs that Ed fund runs. I have great respect for everyone here, the employees, the volunteers and the interns. Their passion to help the students and teachers of the school district of Philadelphia is very motivating. Many times I have felt like I missed out on being part of the Math & Science team who are working towards setting up the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum. After all, my background is in Science and Technology, I was a volunteer judge at the PJAS and DelVal Science competitions and I am involved in my son’s science projects. But I am more than happy that I was able to take up this IT assignment for Ed fund and help them improve it so they all could perform better. I had the best opportunity to work with all the people here, not just one team.

I would like to sincerely share the credit of whatever little I have been able to accomplish on this assignment with a big group of people. Thanks to GSK and the Pulse team for providing this wonderful opportunity. Thanks to Perimeter team for covering for me while I have been on this assignment. Thanks to all Ed funders for believing in me and allowing me to make these changes for them. Thanks to United Way IT Collaborative for providing this excellent cost effective hosting solution. Thanks to my family for making compromises and supporting me in this short & sweet journey.

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