October 15


It is all about change!

One month into my assignment and now it is time to share my experience so far being with the IAVI (International AIDS Vaccine Initiative).

“All about change” summarizes it all! On the 15th of September when i started my assignment i was in a state of my mind ready to take on any change:

An hour and a half commute (in a good day) from Stevenage to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (where the IAVI core Lab is based) in packed public transport: I am learning to share space with others, don’t be upset with people pushing you or stepping on your feet, don’t be upset when the train is delayed. My daily routine starts here trying to make good use of this hour and half, reading, reflecting and building a positive energy…

Walking every morning in a hospital, and seeing patients around, often children, does put you in a right place to start the day. It is a daily reminder of how lucky i am to be healthy and have opportunities! Also, for a research scientist like me, it is a daily reminder of the importance of what we do. We tend to forget!

Then life into the office is a daily learning experience! From people interaction and communication, to space usage, everything is a bit new to me, far from the quietness of a big open plan office.

20141007_150906 My desk!

I have been deployed to the Sample management team where my role hasn’t still been exactly defined as things have recently changed. I have been learning about clinical trial, patient enrolment, visit and vaccination schedules, LIMS database, SQL queries…

Yesterday, i went to rather unusual walk at lunchtime: visiting the Brompton cemetery. This is not the kind of walk would usually go for. But apparently this is an activity people enjoy especially when it is sunny!


Learning never exhausts the mind!