A baby girl born in Ombeyi called Isabella


In the last 2 weeks, this young lady gave birth to a little girl called Isabella.

The story began on Wednesday morning on my arrival in Ombeyi Medical Centre. A 17 year-old lady called Marceline had been in labour since the previous day. The nurse was not confident that it would be a normal delivery and suspected that a caesarean section would be needed.  As Ombeyi medical centre was not equipped to perform a surgical operation and there was no ambulance or car available to drive this young lady to the hospital, I was asked if OGRA’s car could be used to  take Marceline to the hospital in Kisumu. Of course, we could help…

Before the departure, I saw Marceline and I was so surprised to see such a small woman, so thin and so fragile. Nobody was there to support or encourage her… I tried to help her best I could by staying with her, making massages, and talking to her. She was so afraid…

At the time of the departure, she had a lot of contractions and the challenge was to arrive at the hospital in time.

You know that sometimes despite what we wish for, nature chooses other ways…

After 20 min of driving on bad roads, Marceline said “the baby is coming”..!!!. There was no time to reach the Hospital… and no medical staff in the car to help her… As the driver knew the roads by heart, he drove us to another health medical centre that was fortunately no too far…

We arrived in “Ahero” Medical centre, and 1o min after our arrival, this amazing strong young lady delivered normally…without a caesarean…

It was so incredible and so miraculous that all the staff couldn’t say anything…

I saw the baby, and my second surprise was to discover that at birth a black baby is white.. 🙂

Every day we’re on a learning process…

After the delivery, Marceline asked me my name and called her baby girl Isabella to thank me for the help I had provided.

I had the feeling that I did nothing special, just to be there at the right time at the right place

It was a beautiful and emotional time.

Welcome to Isabella and long life to her.







  1. Isabelle helping women to have skilled delivery has been your calling.One can see on your face how you advocate for these vulnerable women to have skilled deliveries. Having experienced this was jut at the right tome for you to see what our women gonthrough. Thanks for being there for this young girl. No one would have been better for her.W e welcome Isabelle into the world. I can be her God mother you know! Just to be sure she is well taken care of once you are back in Belgium. Thank you Isabelle you are a strong one, am sure you would have pushed the car incase it got stuck in the mud to save the life of the mother and the child.

  2. Hi Isabelle, what an incredible experience for you early into your Pulse assignment! I hope all else is going well for you. If you would like to connect at some point please get back in touch with me at my GSK email address…unfortunately I do not appear to have any contact details for you now you are overseas. With very best wishes, Tim.

  3. ….Nice story Isabelle, I recall seeing the passion in your eyes when you visited GSK Site in Nairobi telling this story couldn’t say more but appreciate the humanity gesture you gave-that is the PULSE spirit having that humaness to help. We wish both Marceline and little Isabelle best wishes.

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