First Field visit


Here, in this neglected part of the world where the scorching sun and torrential rains while you turn around to right and left you would face a strange reality, and you will be surprised that such a reality exists with us after they walked up the moon and we had a nuclear weapon, and we got to the technology limits far.
Empty abdomens, naked and sick bodies make you think about the value of everything we reached in civilization and progress if we left them behind us to be praised by diseases and the weakness of the possibilities.
Entire villages without electricity and the only water source is a small pump at the entrance of the village. But what most unjustly for these people more than the absence of resources is the absence of human potential, imagine with me that a little boy suffering from pneumonia and the responsibility for diagnosis and follow-up is carry on by a person can only read and write. Certainly do not mean to insult, but it’s really frightening.
What charitable organizations do here is something worthy of appreciation and respect, and more worthy of that everybody participates.

I hope that everyone understands that if someday found hunger and disease in somewhere it exists everywhere. If they are hungry for food, we are hungry for mercy, they are suffering from epidemic disease and we suffer from selfish.

This matter is gravely missed; it has no relation with religion or policy, but it is closely related to humanity. A smile on a child’s face is greater than military victory or economic boom.

Help them


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