My latest two weeks summary

Time…Invaluable, fleeting, precious  time. It only seems that it  goes by slowly, in fact it is really  fast-moving.

I crossed the equator of  staying  in a wonderful and unforgettable country Tanzania 🙂

Many participants of the program PULSE  while talking about their experience mention  that it takes from two to three months to start feeling a  taste of the country in full, understanding national peculiarities and enjoying the process of  being there. From my side I fully confirm this fact. It is a time now when anxiety  and worries are completely gone (maybe it is not  quite good, as they are a part of  motivation), and I just enjoy every single day and with particular attention and interest discover new  faces,  verges of  life and different attitudes to it  watching and taking a direct part in the life of people who surround me. I feel myself as a native  and  get a great pleasure from everything.

In the last two weeks I have added such events to  the treasury of my good memories :

1) Wonderful Sunday which I spent with one of my colleagues Shibide  in the circle of her family. We walked through the city, visited the local church, had a delicious dinner in one of the local restaurants and joined the Sunday Women’s Club in the evening, where women were discussing the current issues of relationships in their families.

DSC01327p DSC01329p DSC01341p DSC01390p DSC01385p

2) Fishing on the fascinating Lake Victoria. Calming, relaxing and beautiful landscapes created by nature and a perfect opportunity to open a new talent… although a new explicit  talent for fishing wasn’t opened, I got a lot of  enjoyment from the process )))

DSC06139pDSC06134p DSC06100p DSC06080p

3) Journey across the lake to the other island Nansio. Unlike Mwanza the lake side over there has not been touched by infrastructure  and it was very easy to stay anywhere at the lake and  meet sunset and sunrise, sometimes practicing Swahili greetings with  local children. If you want to see a  sunset in Mwanza you need to take a good place in one of the  hotels restaurants located on the banks of the lake.

DSC05944p DSC05884p DSC05877pDSC05923p

And now a few  words about the  work 🙂 A detailed plan and a schedule of further actions have been developed. We had a first session where we shared experience in planning time and defining  targets. Everyone liked it and now on Tuesdays we will have lectures for medical staff on how to work with some computer programs and different topics on development of personal effectiveness. I think that in the future it will be possible to devote a separate post to it .

My dear friends here is the result of fishing