October 01


Kappa – The Midpoint

The clock just struck midnight,

Bye-bye to my favourite month.

Welcome October, my 2nd favourite!


I thought that the week just gone by was rather a calm one.

It probably was not dramatic, but uneventful it wasn’t.

My reflections on the events of past week …


On Monday, I was railed down to London for an engagement session which brought together the GLH/Mencap project team working on a key commitment to one of our external stakeholders.

It was a session for which I had the privilege of organising and I was very pleased at the end as the meeting expectations were wholly realised. This meant that after months of individual contributions and team coordination, a pulling together of all the various strands, just the final touches were needed in putting forward a compelling assessment – an excellent deliverable to our stakeholder.

At the Mencap head office, I also had the opportunity of a one-to-one conversation with a Grants Manager from Mencap’s Strategic Fundraising department about another exciting proposal for GLH.

Aside the quick snack I had on the train, the journey back to Manchester can be best described as migrainous. A soothing shower and a much needed rest was the perfect antidote as I woke up refreshed.

I woke up to Tuesday 23 Sep, the 1st day of autumn.

It was not just the day which marked the autumn equinox, but for me it also marked exactly 3 months into my PULSE assignment. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you are involved in lots of exciting things.

One such exciting time was when I got the opportunity to analyse some data in a spreadsheet to support GLH’s impact assessment. I was over the moon – not literally, though I wish it was literally. I love working with spreadsheets, analysing data and manipulating graphical representations – my comfort zone relived.


Oh, allow me a final brag about the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge – an amazing total of over £ 2,000 was raised for Mencap. Thanks once again for your donation to such a worthy cause!


What about my reflections on the past 3 months, now that the midpoint has just gone by?

There have been dramatic moments, sad moments, joyful moments,

Challenging moments, enchanting moments, triumphant moments.

But have I yet fallen in love with city life?

Hmm, I’m still waiting to be wooed.

Come on Manchester! You’ve got just under 3 months to make me a country-to-city convert.

Worry not my Beloved, our affinity looks far from being under threat.

May the fluttering of leaves in the autumn breeze,

Fill our shortening days with flattering moments.


Your Beloved,


Pulse of Ulverston