September 30


Getting to know you

Does the title remind you of a song? “Getting to know you… getting to know all about you… getting to like you… getting to know you like me… learning about… day by day” Yup, one of the songs from “King and I”, kind of how I’m feeling during my first 2 to 3 weeks in the United States! And truly, learning can come from every facet of life.
标题是否让你想起一首歌?”Getting to know you… getting to know all about you… getting to like you… getting to know you like me… learning about… day by day” 是的,这来自”King and I”音乐剧中的歌曲之一。感觉可表达在美国2至3个星期的心情。的确,“学习”可从生活中的每个细节着手。
Duck vs Dark
LEARNING #1: Dark vs. Duck
I was handing out chocolates that I brought from Singapore, which are milk, white and dark. Interestingly, dark chocolate always makes me smile as I realised people hear it as “duck chocolate”. My bad =)))
LEARNING #2: Puncher anyone? Wait… how many holes are there?
As I approach our team member with an innocent question “could I use the hole puncher?” And the helpful colleague passed on the equipment, only to realise my highly confused look. After a bit of exchange, I realised with much enlightenment that… The US uses 3 holes rather than 2! *revelation*
LEARNING #3: You think you know where you’re going to, but you never know where you’d actually end up in.
During my 2 months wait for my visa to the United States, I did lot’s of research on Connecticut (CT). Who’d have guess that within a week or so in CT, the team (including me) decided that it’d be best for the assignment and me to transfer to Washington DC. Believe me, this is the first time in my life settling flight, hotel, airport transfers and apartment viewing appointments in 2 days worth of time. Thanks to the team at Save the Children for supporting me, and making this happen!
And to myself… Welcome to Washington DC!
Learning #4: You can never stop learning
Enter the Save the Children intranet, and there’s a wealth of information on the organization. Talk to anyone in the team and you’d realise how much they have going on and the achievements they are striving for. Talk to another Save the Children PULSE volunteer, and you’d learn in one day, the things they took 2 months to grasp.
Let’s see where this path of learning leads me to!
Thanks for reading this blog!