September 23


Saturday, 20th September 2014, was day 90 in Kisumu

Blog - Photo 11
The above photo shows (from left to right) Isabelle, Martin, Victoria, Rami and me.
Michelle is unfortunately missing on the photo.

Halftime! The feeling is very similar to a football game … 90 minutes seems to be so long at the beginning but when the first 45 minutes are over it seems to be the time is running very fast. And the situation during the first half seems to be also very similar to a football game. All the team members need to find the right way to work together and to be as efficient as possible to make their goals … that’s exactly the same situation here in Kisumu. You have to understand and respect the other PULSE volunteers, the staff members in the NGO you are working for and all the other people you are working with or you have contact to. It needs time and a lot of commitment and – to be honest – it is not always easy, but a good relationship is very important to keep you grounded in all situations … especially if you work and live for such a long time far away from home – far away from your family and friends.
The last two weeks were very busy. I finalized the work on the ‘Youth Room & Training Center’ in Nyangoma – see my ‘Special Edition’ post here on the blog:
I am currently working on the finalization of a ‘suggestion box’ for the OGRA Medical Center. I painted the box yellow this morning and waiting now that the color becomes dry. I am also working with high pressure on the current issue we have with the donated toothbrushes from German supplier SCHIFFER. Both supplies (from their German and Indian SCHIFFER sites) arrived in Nairobi but the Kenyan customs are causing trouble. They informed us that we have to pay taxes for the delivered toothbrushes and my hope is OGRA can help to clarify the situation because OGRA is a tax-exempt organization here in Kenya. Gabriel Amolo, the director of the OGRA Foundation, promised to help solving the issue with the Kenyan customs. I hope he will be successful!
Martin will start his holidays tomorrow. He will meet his wife in Belgium. I am a little bit jealous of him and looking forward to meeting my wife at Diani Beach on the 11th of October for one week. Diani Beach is a major beach resort on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It is located 30km south of Mombasa, in the nearby Kwale County. I am sure it will be a fantastic trip and I will have a lot to tell (and a lot of photos to present on my Flickr page) when I will be back in Kisumu.
That’s it for today from Kisumu. Greetings to all!

I finished my work on the Suggestion Box for the OGRA Medical Center and I thought I have to share the result with you because I am a little bit proud about my work:
Suggestion Box for OGRA MC
The idea is to give the young people who are visiting the OGRA MC site regularly (e.g. for medical examination or anti-retroviral drug treatment) a possibility to make suggestions about possible improvements of the services OGRA MC is delivering. Kennedy Mikonde, the HIV Testing & Counselling (HTC) Counselor at OGRA MC had the idea and I liked it from the beginning. I will visit him soon and provide him the box to ensure this ‘tool of improvement‘ can be used fast!

Please visit my Flickr page if you want to see more photos of Kisumu: