Halfway Point

Meal Packaging Event for Stop Hunger Now

Meal Packaging Event for Stop Hunger Now

It’s exactly halfway point for me on my PULSE assignment with Stop Hunger Now in Raleigh, NC. Wow! It’s difficult to comprehend that it’s already been 3 months!

This assignment has truly been a reflection time for me, both personally and professionally. Let me say, that the entire time hasn’t always been easy. It is difficult missing family, friends, and yes, even my work associates. I can say that Stop Hunger Now has made me a part of their team. That helps. It also helps that I LOVE the project work that I’m doing and I know that it can make a difference. That was our # 1 question we asked ourselves in the May PULSE training. Can we make a difference?

A few of the projects we are working with include budgeting/forecasting, KPIs, sharing our ADP tools, process documenting, identifying best practices, training, and improving the ordering process.

I find it interesting that most of the SHN team equates every dollar they spend to the number of meals we could be packing and shipping to the hungry. It’s every organization’s dream to link their vision directly to the P&L.

The program staff was assigned 3 NC State students working on a supply class practicum this semester. The students will be helping us on Lot Tracking and Pest Infestation Protocol. I feel comfortable explaining most of the SHN processes to them. Things are sinking in!

Last week, I attended a Stop Hunger Now sponsored lecture by Dr. Jill Seaman sharing her life-long work devoted to kala-azar (visceral lishmaniasis), an epidemic which had killed more than 100,000 people in a remote part of Sudan. What a dedicated individual willing to put her own life on the line to help. It was inspiring to hear her story. There are some amazing people in this world!

I am truly blessed to be here. Thanks GSK!