The First of September

Today has been exactly two months since I began my PULSE assignment.
Actually, it is neither little time  nor much time but it seems to me I have been here for ages.

During the very first month everything was new to me…almost every day there were some new people, emotions, impressions, food, tools and different approaches at work. Now I feel like an inside man…the schedule has been worked out, I have got used to the local food, weekends have been filled with leisure activities and discoveries.
This has created a certain comfort zone in which you imperceptibly forget that you will only  stay here for 6 months, so you lose a sense of acuteness of time and novelty…a moment of weakness and you absorb the adjusted daily vanity. Although there probably should be time to slow down and ground…to assess how it works what is done and whether it may be applicable successfully.

In August a great deal of information was collected, analyzed, agreed and approved along with an electronic cancer registry system which was created. All patients’records at PRRR are currently paper-based, but a new electronic system will allow to obtain necessary information on the status of a patient as soon as possible and will also be useful for analysis. Now we are already using a simplified Excel version and by the middle of September we will hopefully have launched this updated system which is going to be more convenient to work with. It is just the first result but it is already easier to breathe.

Congratulations to all on the first day of autumn ! It happened so that autumn in my country is not only the begining of a new academic year but also a social habit to start new projects and set up new goals etc. In GSK Ukraine it is the time of an annual conference and start of a new promotional campaign, which triggers many new different activities…

Dream, plan, seek, reach!


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