A small step makes a big change!

This week marks a remarkable step on the Skill to Succeed Project, which I hope will lead to big changes on life of at-risk youth in Vietnam!

The Skill to Succeed Project is a global project to improve employment prospects of at-risk youth aged 15-24 in 6 countries, including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The key cities to focus on Vietnam are Da Nang and Can Tho. We target to help 2,000 youths to get a job by the end of 2015 after a series of training/ internship in these 2 cities in Vietnam. We would also like to improve the current vocational school curriculum so that youth are equipped with the updated skills required by the job market.

After a series of market research where I have expertise in, we have successfully identified 3 priority sectors that are growing and also suitable for our targeted youth in the 2 cities respectively. We have clearly identified job positions in each sector, skill required (both technical and soft skills), job competitiveness, the gap of current vocational school curriculum vs. skills required by employers, and potential lists of employers that are interested in cooperating with us for the training/ internship program.

Given my marketing experience, I have helped the team here to enhance the overall market research process, review and revise the questionnaire so that more concrete and meaningful answers can be obtained, as well as leading the research analysis and presenting the research results. Due to language barrier, I always need my colleagues’ help in translating for me in focus groups or interviews. And for the analysis findings and presentation slides, my colleagues have to translate them back into Vietnamese after I prepared the English slides for the audience who don’t know English. For a certain period of time, I really questioned myself: “am I helping them or adding extra workload on them?” But luckily, my teammates here really appreciate my expertise and the help in the overall research process, that we have successfully achieved the above as a result of teamwork and collaboration.

This ends my part in project here in Da Nang and Can Tho. Following steps would be the set up of the training program which the local team here have more expertise than I. Next week, I am going to Hanoi and will be joining another new project. I am very excited about that and I truly hope the Skill to Succeed Project will have a remarkable and sustainable change on the employment prospects of at-risk youth. I can’t guarantee all of the youth will become rich one day, but I can guarantee they will be equipped with skills and a stable and self-supportable job after completing the training.


  1. Hi Brenda, I was just reading all of your blogs and it looks you have an interesting assignment – enjoy ; who was helping for Bangladesh – Thanks, Mizanul from Bangladesh

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