Tribal Healthcare Project – Nashik

A week into the assignment,I have spent most of the time on field visits in Mumbai and Nashik areas meeting the team of doctors,health workers,mobile clinic staff and understanding the services and activities

My NGO – Niramaya Health Foundation is focused on community health care intiatives. As a part of this,they operate Mobile Clinics ( 3 vehicles ) in Triambak block covering 15 routes and approximately 75 – 90 rural villages per week

They have also started 2 static clinics based in Peth and Karanjali areas ,which cater to an average of  80-100 patients a day

I started off with field visit of Rag Picker Healthcare Project in Mumbai where NGO operates 2 static clinic and mobile Van & then moved to Nashik

An estimated 700+ patients are served everyday across the mobile and static clinic locations and most of the data ( patient records,medicine stock etc) are manually maintained on papers and are stored. There is a need to deploy work flow system to capture this information and help activity planning and tracking the progress of  all projects.

We signed off the week with a review meeting ,identifying actions to improve medicine stock management and catalogue review.We are in the process of establishing work flow and setting up MIS tool to address the above needs

I leave you with one of the green shots enroute village mobile health camps





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