First week with MVP-Sauri


It is a long way to go but all journeys start by the first step.

So my first step is to listen, see and understand actually everything!!!

This is what we call it GEMBA walks or simply “be there”

Therefore, I spend most of my first week in the field (Sauri area)

Sauri, which is about 30 miles Northeast of Kisumu was one of the first Millennium Villages.

We usually take arround 2 hours to get there. in one of the most spectacular roads in Africa.


It is interesting to know that many are living in a mud house with less than basic facilities.

No tab water, electricity or even sewage system.


as mentioned by the health needs assessment by the MPV:

Kisumu also has high malaria and HIV prevalence rates, with malaria accounting for approximately one-third of all new outpatient cases and a 15-percent HIV prevalence rate – more than double the national rate of 7.4 percent. Diarrhea and respiratory diseases are widespread, necessitating improved access, respectively, to oral rehydration therapy and antibiotics.

so my first visit will be to the Sauri health center (level 3).


And just to mention they do have 7 levels of health facilities/services in Kenya

level 7 : teaching hospital (highest level)

Level 6: Provencal hospital

Level 5: district hospital (do have specialty physicians)

level 4: sub-district hospital (do have non specialty physicians)

Level 3: health center ( do have nurses and clinical officers)

Level 2: dispensary nurses

Level 1: CHW community health workers

and there I took my first lesson from CHW about the CommCare system where he enter his data and visits to the neighboring community.

His main target is pregnant women and children under 5 yrs old.

For the next 6 months I will be working on CommCare and analyzing its data and sure I need to learn from the expert: I mean starting from the first user the CHW.

It is about time to start learning about CommCare!!!



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