Can developing governance documents really be fun?

Well, here is a head scratcher for everyone brave enough to still be reading… How in the world can you possibly incorporate fun into a governance system? Let me share my ramblings this morning. During my time here at Urban Ministries, I have been so moved by the people we serve in the clinic and pantry and homeless shelter and also by the people who serve them. It takes an army of volunteers coming around the clock to keep things going. As I drove in this morning, two folks were out in the garden harvesting fresh vegetables to be given in today’s food baskets. Another volunteer sat at the desk registering clients while others were at the service windows to interview them to define their service needs. Voter Registration was going on in one corner of the waiting area and Interfaith Food Shuttle was demonstrating a healthy recipe in another. Nurses and doctors were zipping between six patient rooms. Volunteers were unloading food deliveries at the dock. Just another quiet day at Urban Ministries of Wake County. With all these moving parts, it is a straightforward presentation to the leadership team here that one of the deliverables from my PULSE assignment needs to be a set of governance documents for the Open Door Clinic. Of course they have procedures now, but my mission is to “tidy” them up a bit and to bring some standardization, starting first with Open Door Clinic , establishing a model system that can easily be expanded to other areas of operations. I was given the full endorsement of the administrative team last week so off I go. Oh, you who are still awake may be asking, now how is this fun? Well, you who know me already know I am pretty geeky. This will be one way I can make a difference here and hopefully make life a little better, maybe even easier for the staff and volunteers working here to serve these clients. Besides, since I am here at the desk more, I am easy to call when someone needs to fill in for one of the real FUN jobs serving the clients directly at the desk or in the pantry!

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  1. Believe me, I can understand how this is fun! I just spent today working on governance documents and processes with a fellow board member–and this isn’t even for a PULSE assignment. Good luck with bringing some structure to your organization.

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