The Gift – Emma Drawbridge

A former doctor at Muhimbili hospital visits the grounds, its staff and patients daily. I think it gives him a sense of purpose. Sadly this once doctor of cardiology has fallen on hard times I believe due to his failing mental health.
Dr Kishiwa often pops into my office to say hello and likes to give me medical advice. He tends to focus his advice on sexual health related diseases, make of that what you will. He’s told me to steer clear of gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV and elephantiasis. Sound advice I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m based in the Kilbasili ward, this ward is for surgical and long term patients. To make life a little easier and cheaper for long term patients the hospital provide washing lines for them to use. Now you may think this is a bit of a random thing to tell you about but I have my reasons. Dr Kishiwa visited the office today to check that I was still STI/STD free and gave me a gift.
He gave me small bundle that had been screwed up in his hand. I thanked him for this kind gift and he quickly left. On inspection of the gift it was a small blue vest with sequins over the front of it. Now the odd thing about this vest was that it was soaking wet, like it had just been washed. I’m sure you can all see where I’m going with this story now, given that the vest was soaking wet I think it may have come from the patient washing line.
Where this leaves me, my co worker says that I have to wear the top as it will be rude to Dr Kishiwa if I do not. However I have my concerns about wearing what could well be stolen goods back to the scene of the crime. It has been suggested that I change into the top while I’m in the office only, and change back out of it if I do any patient visits.
Emma DrawbridgeGift


  1. Many he washed it before giving it to you….. or many he just did a runner with someone’s clothes lol – either way I think he likes you 😉

    Hope your having an excellent time & cant wait to see you again 😀

  2. The women I work with Sam say the same thing “He likes you, he likes you” and they say it like a bunch of school girls

  3. Dr Kishiwa needs help and I hope you are coping with his strange behaviour. Wishing you the best Emma.

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