GlaxoSmithKline Volunteers Spend Their Volunteer Day to Talks IT with Prevention Partners


SharePoint 1

Instead of slinging hammers or packing backpacks, GlaxoSmithKline volunteers, Mary Brichford and Chuck Grabowski (from NA Pharma IT) spent their Orange day training a team at Prevention Partners on how to set up their SharePoint sites to be effective and efficient.  The conversations ranged from overall security; managing meetings, tasks, and issues; to best practices for managing documents.

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One day CAN make a difference!


Weekly Wellness Tally


–          0 bike rides – crazy rainy week

–          0 – 1 hour walks

–          0 – ½ hour leisurely swims

–          1 – ½ hour walks at work

–          1 – walks to run errands at plaza across the street

–          3 – ½ hour runs (indoors)

–          3 – ½ hour runs (outdoors)

–           3 – 30 minutes of that cardo, fat burning video

–          1 – ½ hour set of leg trashing.  Lot of squats while standing on my tips toes.  Not sure if this is going to help, but it certainly hurts.

Fruit Intake:

–          Averaging 5 or 6 / day

–         I am so sick of blueberries…see you next year, my beloved tasty treats.

–         Power eating cantaloupe and watermelon: only a few more weeks to the season

Veggie Intake:

–          Switching from snap peas to snow peas…like that’s a big shift for the taste buds

–          Celery…Get your Crunch On!


–          Hiding from Chocolate:  After last week’s spiral downward into a Hersey hell-storm , I am laying low from the semi-sweetness of the delectable cocoa.


See you next week,
Pulse 2014 volunteer at Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, NC, USA


  1. Love this example of a skills-based Orange Day! It would be great if they logged this activity through the new skills-based volunteering portal on the internal GSK site.

  2. I second Michelle’s comment. Hats off to Mary and Chuck, can’t wait to try and get more skill based volunteering going on the RTP campus!

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