Safary and five lessons from the nature

As I wrote in a previous blog I had visited one of national parks of Tanzania-Serengety.
It was a Safary trip and it was the first time in my life.
I didn’t expect that I would get so many positive emotions enjoying games and behavior of wild animals in the natural habitat.

We can get a lot of lessons of success from nature and I want to propose some of them and a lot of photos from Safary to your attention 🙂

So, the first lesson is from young lion cubs. It is called “BLOT THE FACE WITH BLOOD”

Little cubs learn from older, more experienced, brave lions in fact. They know exactly – you need to dert your face with blood if you want to learn how to hunt. Mostly we take information from books or just listening to the teacher and when it is the time to start doing something-we are afraid and forget up to 50% of information which we have read before.

The second lesson is from the fish. It is called “THE LESSON OF FLOW”

Fish always swim against the streem and contrary to general opinion. It does it not to complicate life but to allow more quantity of water to conduct. It receives more food and oxygen in this stream. So its life is several times richer. We, in contrast to fish, don’t want to leave our comfort zone and then just ask ourselves why we have so little opportunity.

The third lesson is from the woodpecker. It is called “REALISTIC FOCUS”

Woodpecker bangs his head against a tree, but he does it very well. He is realistic – it does not try to break a tree into halfs with a single stroke, as many of us want and try to. Tt is focused – it does not knock on wood from all sides. It is focuses in the same point, slowly “sipping” worms and does it very well.

The fourth lesson is from the dog. It is called “WAG THE TAIL FIRST”.

It is the 21st century and it is very important and meaningful to motivate other people and show a good example.

The dog is a perfect example. The dog doesn’t think:”First you bring me home, feed and wash, and then I’ll wag my tail.” Dog gives shows its feelings first, and only then gets in return what it needs.

And one more lesson is from a snake. It is called “DO NOT COMPLAIN”

Snake manages the fact that she has. And if it doesn’t like something, it just changes the skin and crawls on without regrets.