The biggest treasure in the world!

So … one more week … the week started with overflowing me emotions after the first safari in my life .. Curiosity, excitement, wonder, compunction and sometimes fear overcame me 🙂 It is absolutely true there is only one way to observe the animals which is to let them be free! But today I want to write not about that….

Water is the biggest treasure in the world. An ordinary morning of most of us starts with taking a shower, having a glass of water, flushing a toilet and no one really thinks much of that fact that they have free access to a huge value, like water. Nowadays about 40% of population of our planet suffer from lack of water and its quality. Scientists have estimated a current situation and come to the conclusion that by 2025 nearly two billion people will be living in regions with absolute scarcity of this precious product and it applies to all countries.
If believe to information from newspapers nearly 80% of diseases and death of 3 million people are related to water quality and water supply in developing countries. 5000 children die from diarhea every day. That means that child death happens every 17 seconds. Most people of Africa wait for the water from the sky. They wait for raining season to start new agricultural season and everyone starts their day going to the nearest watercourses to ensure normal functioning of the family throughout the day. In total, 10% of the world’s disease can be avoided by improving water supply systems, water treatment, hygiene and management of water resources.

Each of us, no matter what country we are from, has an opportunity to contribute and preserve this most-needed resource for future generations. We just simply need to turn of water while soaping during taking a shower, use water saving mode in your washing machine, set a smaller system for your toilet with a smaller capacity ( 3-6 liters ) which will reduce water for flashing dramatically, turn off water after wetting your toothbrush while cleaning teeth.

I offer to your attension a small questionnaire.
How much water do you think you could save if:

Wait for the correct answer in the next blogs.
As written in her blog one of my colleagues ( Isabelle Mignolet):
“Every new day is another chance to change our life”

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