Patient Information – Emma Drawbridge

How I’ve been spending some of my time in the office is performing analysis of data from a breast and cervical screening campaign performed in the town of Tabora. The idea of me doing this analysis is to clean the data and model it, with the goal of discovering trends that will support future decision making.

Things I’ve learnt from performing this data analysis.

The average women in Tanzania breast feeds for two years. It’s not unusual for men have more than one wife, simultaneously. A high number of women have never had intercourse nor any sexual partners, yet have children. One patient couldn’t remember her own age. Another patient was 25 years old, had first become sexually active at 25 years old and had manager to birth three children and breast feed them all for two years.

One of the questions asks if anyone in your family has had any form of cancer, my favourite reply was, “Yes, my next door neighbour”.

One 76 year old patient had stayed a virgin until she was 75 but had also had 200 sexual partners, must have been a busy year. These are just a few light hearted errors that made me smile and question the data collection process, when it comes to mass screening campaigns. I’ll certainly be making some recommendations and hopefully implementations on how this information can be improved for the next mass screening campaign.

Emma Drawbridge


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