Logging In …


As I prepare to start PULSE assignment from Monday,the 18th, am going through mixed emotions . On one hand, huge excitement to contribute to the unique partnership and be part of PULSE journey and equally anxious about leaving colleagues and family for 3 months back home

We are in the process of shifting to new office building soon,so this is in effect farewell week at this office for me.By the time I join back from PULSE,we will be at new work place

Last one week has been spent on ticking the checklist one by one – drafted Out Of Office ,updated stakeholders,got hold of HSBC Card, firmed up PDP developmental goals, confirmed accomodation at Nashik

and here I am ,all set to Log In to the PULSE world with Niramaya Health Fundation ,India!

I feel grateful to the PULSE team for giving me the opportunity and connecting to the wonderful group of volunteers, who will be the inspiration through my stint,with the great contributions they have made with their NGO partners in last few weeks



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